How to Prepare for a Tooth Extraction

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A tooth extraction is the removal of one or more teeth from the jawbone in its entirety, including the root of the tooth. This procedure may be recommended in cases where a patient has severe decay, broken teeth, or impacted wisdom teeth and traditional dental treatments like fillings or root canals are unsuccessful or contraindicated. It is normal to be nervous about needing a tooth extraction done, however, this is a common dental procedure and in the hands of a qualified dentist, the experience can be a positive one. Learn what to expect for a tooth extraction and how you can best prepare.

Obtain Dental Imaging

Your dentist will need to get a clear picture of your teeth down to the jawbone, which can be done quickly and easily through the use of X-rays. This allows your dentist to visualize your mouth’s internal structures and to create a plan for extraction that minimizes any damage to other teeth.

Discuss the Plan with Your Dentist

During your exam, ask your dentist to go over each step of the dental extraction procedure with you. Ask your dentist questions about any special tools that will be used and what you can expect directly before and during the appointment. If you have certain medical conditions, you may need to take an antibiotic before your procedure, so be sure to ask your dentist if this applies to you and when you should pick up the medicine and take it.

Ask About Sedation, Pain Relief, and At-Home Care

If you are very nervous about going to the dentist for a tooth extraction, ask your dentist about sedation during the procedure. In addition to numbing agents being used to prevent you from feeling pain during the extraction, a small amount of sedative will be given to help you feel relaxed and at ease while in the dental chair. However, you also have the option to choose complete sedation, so you will be completely unconscious and unaware during the procedure. Full sedation may be recommended if you have more than one tooth that needs to be extracted during your appointment.

You will also want to discuss post-extraction pain relief with your dentist. Discuss with your dentist how your pain will be managed after the procedure, as it is normal to feel moderate pain and discomfort for several days after having a tooth removed. Your dentist may provide you with prescription pain medicine to take home or may call your medicine into the pharmacy so you can pick it up before your appointment.

Additionally, ask your dentist about recommended home care. Discuss special diet restrictions and how to keep the surgery site clean while you heal. Know ahead of time what you should do at home to give your extraction the best chance at healing without complications.

Learn More About Tooth Extraction at Walton Center for Family Dentistry

Having a tooth extracted can be a positive experience in the hands of the right dentist. At Walton Center for Family Dentistry, we take care to ensure that you are prepared for your tooth extraction and have everything needed on hand for pain relief and home care. Contact us today to learn more about tooth extraction or to book your appointment at (770) 450-2030.

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