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Why Walton Center for Family Dentistry?

Saturday and Evening Hours

We offer the most flexible hours in the area including Saturdays! So whether you are a business professional, a busy student, or even a mom with several kids to look after, we will always have an appointment ready for you when you need it!

Ask about Insurance & Payment Options

Why have insurance if your dentist is out of network? We are in network with all major insurance companies to help reduce the end cost for you. We also provide payment plans to help you pay for the procedures you need NOW instead of waiting and incurring more cost!

Find a Team of Specialists

Why make things confusing by seeing different doctors/specialists all over town? By being a patient at our practice you have access to Oral Surgeons, Endodontists, and Pediatric Dentists.

Emergency Care

Our Loganville dentist will see dental emergencies promptly on the same day, no appointments needed. Just call or show up at our office.

Patient Comfort and Sedation Options

Not everyone enjoys going to the dentist. So to help you relax, we offer all types of sedation dentistry. With an in-house anesthesiologist you can relax and be completely sedated while our professionals attend to your oral health.

Our Technology

Could you imagine going to work today using the first computer you used 20 years ago? So why go to a dentist that uses 20 year old technology? We use the most advanced equipment and technology possible to provide the best level of care for you. Find out more about our low dose digital X-rays.

All the Amenities

Whether it is a specialty coffee brewer when you walk in or one of our 60+ TV’s including the ones on the ceilings, we will ensure you are more comfortable than in your own home. What’s better than a hot face towel after you finish your procedure?

Do Your Research

With over 3,000 reviews from the community, our doctors are proud to be among the top recommended providers in our area.

Our Loganville Dentists Want to Put a Smile on Your Face

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