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Preparing for Your First Visit to the Children’s Dentist

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Your child’s first trip to the dentist is a milestone, and ideally, you want the experience to be as positive as possible. This appointment can set the tone for your child’s future dental health. To help you prepare, we have put together the following tips.


Choose the Right Time

According to the American Dental Association, your child should have their first dental appointment around the time their first tooth erupts. Ideally, your child should see a children’s dentist by their first or second birthday. Contact our Loganville dentist to see what we recommend for your child.


Prepare Your Child

You may want to talk with your child so they know what to expect. For really young children, you should phrase it in simple terms such as “we are going to a tooth doctor”. For toddlers or preschoolers, you may want to get a book that talks about first dentist appointments. There are a lot out there, and your local library should have something.

You may also want to do a play examination. For example, take a spoon and gently “count” the teeth on a stuffed animal. Play acting like that can help children to learn and feel comfortable about the experience.


Be Positive

Do not ever approach going to the children’s dentist as if it is a scary experience. In most cases, that will never cross your child’s mind unless you bring it up. If you have had negative dental experiences, keep those experiences to yourself. Instead, just be positive and upbeat about the appointment. That will help your child the most.


Bring a Transition Object

If your child is naturally shy, they may be a little reluctant to get in the dental chair and let a children’s dentist examine them. To help make them comfortable, you may want to bring a transition object. A stuffed animal or a blanket is ideal.


Select the Right Dentist

Choose your children’s dentist carefully. Ideally, you should choose a family dentist or a children’s dentist. They are used to working with children. They have the patience and the experience to ensure your child has a positive experience. Most importantly, look for a dentist that focuses on creating a stress-free, anxiety-free environment for children and adults.


Be Ready for Follow Up as Needed

In a lot of cases, your child’s first appointment with a children’s dentist will be largely uneventful. The dentist will declare that your child is cavity free, and they might get to pick a “prize” out of the box. However, in some cases, your child may need follow up work.

In these cases, you may want to talk with your child about cavities. Put it in language they can understand. For instance, tell them that the cavity bugs eat sugar off their teeth, and that can sometimes lead to small holes in their teeth. The dentist is simply fixing these holes. Explain that your child will get medicine so that they do not feel the work being done, but they may hear some of the tools working.


Ready to make an appointment with a children’s dentist? Then, contact us today. At Walton Dentistry, our Loganville dentist provides routine and cosmetic dental services to families in the Loganville, GA area.

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