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How Often Do Adults Need a Teeth Cleaning?

15 Mar 2018 Uncategorized

Ideally, adults should come in for a teeth cleaning at least twice a year. Wondering why professional teeth cleaning is important? Here’s a look at seven main benefits for adults.

1. Dental Cleaning Removes Tartar

When you eat foods, they leave a sticky residue on your teeth. This combines with the other elements in your mouth to create plaque, which ultimately leads to cavities. You can remove plaque on your own at home with regular brushing and flossing.

However, most people end up missing at least a little plaque, and over time, that hardens to form tartar or calculus. Unfortunately, you can’t remove tartar build up with at-home remedies, but a professional teeth cleaning can remove the tartar.


2. Dental Cleaning Helps Prevent Cavities

Removing the tartar makes your mouth look and feel cleaner, but beyond that, it also helps to prevent cavities. Over time, plaque essentially eats the enamel of your teeth, and if not removed, that leads to holes or cavities in your teeth. Professional teeth cleaning disrupts this process.


3. Dental Cleanings Reduce Tooth Loss

Cavities come in a range of sizes. Sometimes, they are small and easily repairable, and in other cases, they are so large that they affect the integrity of the tooth’s structure. Often, a root canal can save the tooth, but when the decay is extremely extensive, the tooth may need to be extracted.


4. Dental Cleanings Are Good for Your Health

Your mouth is an integral part of your body, and unfortunately, oral issues are linked to other health conditions. In particular, gum disease is linked to issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. By keeping your mouth clean, you reduce your risk of contracting many of these serious issues.


5. Dental Cleanings Improve Your Smile

In addition to safeguarding your oral and general health, dental cleanings also have aesthetic value. They make your teeth look clean, and many dental offices combine teeth whitening with dental cleaning. That can be essential for removing stains from wine, coffee, and other delicious dietary essentials.


6. Dental Cleanings Often Involve Cancer Screenings

Whether you combine a dental cleaning with a routine check up or not, you have an oral professional looking at your mouth. They scan your teeth for signs of cavities or decay, and they look at your gums to see if they show any visible signs of gingivitis. Beyond that, these professionals also monitor your mouth for signs of oral cancer. With cancer, early detection is key.


7. Dental Cleanings May Help You Save Money

Finally, the reason adults should invest in professional teeth cleaning twice is year is because these appointments can help them save money in the long run. When you avoid cavities and tooth loss, you also side step a lot of dental work and potential health issues. That saves you a lot of money. As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that is undoubtedly true in the world of dental health.


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