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How Do Full Dental Implants Work?

12 Sep 2018 Uncategorized

If the thought of having a full set of dentures does not appeal to you, consider full dental implants. Using dental implants, a cosmetic dentist provides permanent replacement teeth for missing or damaged teeth.

These implants are fixed and not removable like dentures, so they provide a strong foundation for eating. Dental implants are stand-alone, meaning they do not necessarily have to be anchored to other teeth like bridges do. This means that your surrounding teeth do not have to be altered in any way, and that is better for you in the long run. Full dental implants are definitely the closest you will get to resembling your natural teeth.

What Are The Advantages?

Full dental implants actually offer several advantages compared to other teeth replacement options. Implants look and function like natural teeth and are very long-lasting. Implants allow you to have a more natural bite so you can speak and chew more naturally. Implants are much easier to maintain than dentures since they function like your natural teeth.

Implants look more natural, so your appearance will be better than with dentures. You will have better comfort and be less self-conscious because you will not have speech or eating problems that often come with dentures. Your self-esteem will improve because you will have a natural smile, and you won’t have the embarrassment of having to remove dentures.

What Should I Expect?

Dental implants are used to replace not only your lost or damaged natural teeth but also some of your roots. A metal post, usually made of titanium, is surgically implanted into the jawbone underneath your gums. The post is a fixed, permanent foundation and functions as a tooth root. Once secure, the dentist will mount a replacement tooth on top of the post.

With full dental implants, your underlying bone is better preserved; it doesn’t resorb (deteriorate) like bone does with dentures.

How Long Is The Process?

The posts look like a small screw that is inserted into the bone of your jaw. The implants and bone bond together over a two to six month period; during this time, the posts solidify into the bone to function as anchors for the artificial teeth. The cosmetic dentist will create temporary teeth for you to wear while the posts are bonding.

Once the posts are healed and ready, new teeth will simply snap on.  The replacement teeth look, feel, and function like your own natural teeth. You will care for them just like you would your natural teeth—by rinsing, brushing and flossing.

Most people report very little discomfort during the entire implant process. Any pain after the post implantation process is usually alleviated by over-the-counter pain medication.

The success rate for full dental implants is very high, at about 98 percent. While patients certainly must be evaluated on an individual basis, in general, most healthy patients with healthy gums and healthy underlying bone are good candidates for the full dental implant procedure.

If you are considering full dental implants, give Walton Center for Family Dentistry a call at 770-450-2030 or contact us online. Our cosmetic dentists are located in Loganville, GA and we are ready for you to be our next patient.

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