How to Find the Best Loganville Dentist for Children

30 Apr 2018 Uncategorized

Your child deserves the best. You want what’s best for them at home, at school, at outside activities like sports, and with their friends. So why would a dentist for your child be any different? While any dentist practice can work on your child’s teeth, did you know less than 3% focus exclusively on kids? Your child deserves the attention of an expert dentist for children.

Where Do You Start?

When looking for a dentist for your children, it’s best to search for a pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentists have all of the qualifications and schooling of a general dentist plus two to three years of additional specialty training working with children only. Their training includes dentistry for infants, children, teens, and children with special needs.

By limiting their practice to exclusively being a dentist for children, they are better equipped to foster a soothing environment for children. But most importantly, they are the most highly trained dental professionals in performing preventive and invasive dental treatment in the least traumatic and kid-friendliest way possible. Again, that’s important because your child deserves the best.


Take Your Child to Their Office

Beyond dental qualifications, an important signal that a dentist is committed to your child’s needs is the presence of games, books, and fun activities. The dentist’s office should also feature kid-friendly décor, bright colors, child-sized furniture, and more. Take your child with you to scope out the office. If your child looks at the waiting room and their eyes light up, you just may have found a winner. Remember, your child deserves the best.


Trial Run

If you can’t decide between one or two dentists for children, a good idea is to schedule a one off appointment and evaluate the visit. This “trial appointment” is the perfect opportunity to see how your child connects with the dentist and their staff. There’s a good chance your child is scared or nervous about their first trip to the dentist.

But this isn’t the dentist’s first rodeo. So how did the dentist do? Were they patient? Were they comforting? Were they engaging? Did they listen to your child and answer any questions they may have? Did they offer your child a sticker or other prize as a reward for doing a good job for their first time at the dentist?

This first appointment doesn’t need to be a long-term commitment. You’re only interested in narrowing down your options because your child deserves the best.


Your Child Deserves the Best

While there are many things to consider when looking for the best dentist for children, it doesn’t need to be difficult. If you are looking for the best children’s dentist, look no further. At the Walton Center for Family Dentistry, we have years of experience working with satisfied kids, and we’ll make your child feel completely comfortable. Contact us today. We are passionate about working with children and can’t wait to work with yours.

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