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The Benefits of Same Day Dentures

15 Sep 2017 Uncategorized

If you’re missing teeth, dentures may be the ideal solution. Worried that you don’t have time to wait for them to get made? You’re in luck. Same day dentures are now available. Here’s what you need to know about this option and its growing popularity.


What Are Same Day Dentures?

Same day dentures are just like traditional dentures but without the wait. You come to our Loganville dentist office, get your exam, and leave with new dentures the very same day.

With traditional dentures, the process involves a few more steps. Basically, the dentist sends a mold of your mouth or a software generated 3D image to a lab. Then, the specialists at the lab create your dentures, and when they’re ready, you return to the dentist to have them fitted.

With same day dentures, there is no middle man. Instead, your dentist creates the mold or 3D image, and an on-site denturist creates the dentures that very same day.


Who Is a Good Candidate for Same Day Dentures?

The best candidates for same day dentures are people who have already lost their teeth. If you need to have teeth pulled to get the dentures, you may need to split the process up over a few days or weeks. That gives your mouth and gums a chance to heal properly before you put in the dentures. If you set up a consultation, your dentist can let you know whether or not you are a good candidate.


What Are the Benefits of Same Day Dentures?

Besides for speed and convenience, same day dentures offer other benefits as well. Just like traditional dentures, they can help with a variety of issues. If you only have a few missing teeth, you can opt for partial dentures that are made on the day of service. In some cases, you can even get permanent dentures on the same day.

Permanent dentures are not removable. Instead, they are anchored to other teeth or implants in your mouth. Dental implants are crowns that are attached directly to your jaw bone with a small metal post. When you get partial dentures anchored to implants, you don’t have to attach the bridge to other teeth, and that helps protect and preserve the enamel on your healthy teeth. Your Loganville dentist can help you decide which option is best in your circumstances.

Do Same Day Dentures Look Natural?

Same day dentures get made with the exact same technology that underlies other types of dentures. They are designed to perfectly match the rest of your teeth in color and shape. That creates a completely natural look.

With contemporary dentures, no one should ever be able to tell that you have dentures unless you tell them. In most cases, people will just assume that you have a beautiful smile with all your real teeth.


Ready to learn more about same day dentures? Want to explore other cosmetic procedures? At Walton Dentistry, we offer dentures, bridges, crowns, inlays, onlays, teeth whitening, and a wide range of other services. Call us or set up an appointment online today. Our Loganville dentist can help you create the smile of your dreams.

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